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There's nothing more addictive than a view and an infinity pool 😍🌊
Walking into new possibilities!
If you don't already know, I'm Canadian but moved to the UK in 2016. I have still travelled loads since between Europe, North America and Asia, but my visa ends in September this year - which means it is time for a new base! I am drooling with the possibilities 🤤 The question is: do I go full nomad for a few months and work online whilst living in Asia (primarily Bali) or do I set up base in Australia and travel the country and surrounding islands? What do you think I should do? ✈️🌎🌅😍
Architecture in Europe is just a dream 😍 Where is your favourite countries in the world for architecture? 🏰🏛️🕌⛪🗼🗽
If you haven't heard of this famous painting on the Berlin Wall most call "The Kiss" which depicts at the time Soviet Leader Leonid Brezhnev and East German President Erich Honecker kissing - I seriously suggest you look it up! Such a powerful piece of art with so much significance which I have been dying to see for years!
Dreaming of sunny days and palm trees ☀️🌴💭
I unfortunately have had quite the trial of a year. Between leaving an extremely toxic relationship, having to go to emergency care after a huge health scare, the deaths of 6 of those close to me, watching my grandma die in front of me who was a massive part of raising me and finishing off the year with waking up to a call on Christmas day being told my dog died in a fire at my dad's house, who almost died trying to save him and lost everything he had - you just can't make this shit up at this point. Safe to say 2017 was not my year. But that's the thing, I survived it. If this was 7 years ago, I wouldn't have. I didn't have a catalyst then, I didn't have the strength. Travel isn't just my passion, travel has shown me strength I never realised I had, a lot of these tragedies I had to deal with completely alone abroad and if I could survive all that alone - I believe I can survive just about anything. How amazing is that? Your passion should be like being love - it makes you a better person - and I am one of the lucky ones who has that. I am pretty damn happy to be putting 2017 behind me and optimistically saying hello to a new year with new experiences and most importantly - MORE TRAVELS 😊
One of my absolute favourite things about travelling the world - FOOD! I personally will go well out of my way to try the local food and delicacy! I can't even choose a favourite because I love it all 😋😍 What country has your favourite food? And what is it? 🥞🌮🍳🍲🥘
Pretty damn happy to know I got these photos and many experiences seeing this before they started restoration of Big Ben - if you look at it today's it's just covered in scaffolding and you can barely actually see it. I know tons of people who have went to Trevor Fountain, Sagrada Familia and Big Ben and got there to only realise it's covered up by construction 😢 Have you ever went to a tourist spot you were dreaming of going to find it covered up by restoring?
It wasn't really feeling like Christmas until I made my way to a Christmas Market in Germany 🎄🎅🇩🇪 Mulled wine, fresh food and desserts -  I was in heaven 😍 Where's your favourite Christmas market?


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