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Infinity pool in the middle of no where in a mountain in South Lombok... Amazing 👌🌊🌄
Taking in an amazing view in an even more amazing country 😊🌅
Morning world 🌞
Asia has been THE healthiest I have been travelling this far - fresh made juice, fresh coconut ice cream, fresh everything all for so cheap and so refreshing! 🍎🍋🍊😋😀
So unbelievably obsessed with Indonesia 😍
TAKE ME TO: Gili Trawangan, Indonesia ✌💙
My favourite thing to do while travelling? Have a drink next to an awesome view 😀🍻🍷👍
TAKE ME TO: Ubud, Bali, Indonesia ✌ 💚
Clearly not having this winter weather 😂 But not for long 🚫 Can you guess where I'm going next? 🌴🌊✈🌎
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