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I have been a bit quieter than usual on posting (if a few times a week instead of daily counts?) and with good reason. I have been doing a tour around the UK and on all my days off, I immediately fly off for holiday 😅 Still saving loads of money and planning for some HUGE things. I have 2 additional businesses in the works currently - one will be a long uphill battle for the next year or two (and still travel related of course) but will enable me to live comfortably abroad for years to come. The other? A pop up Christmas bar in South UK because who doesn't love Mulled Wine and Hot Apple cider? 😋☕️🎄 In either London  or Brighton, send me a message or post a comment if you want it to come to your home town! .
Ok, I'm getting distracted, now to the point. I would have NEVER came up with these ideas and believed I could do any of these things if it weren't for me travelling alone the last 4 years. It has taught me in my capabilities and it has inspired me SO much. Backpacks and Budgets is my baby and will continue to daily teach you new tips and tricks and laugh at my bad luck, now time for some siblings! This girl is achieving her dreams and this is all because I took the leap of faith and chose to BELIEVE in my self! If you do the same, you will be amazed of what you're capable of doing 🙌👊💪
No place has my heart more than Barcelona. This city is amazing. Three visits already and I'm already planning to come back again a month later 😍 what place has your heart? 💘✈️
Smiling because NOTHING makes me happier than travelling the world 😊😊😊
Life is all about perspective 🌎 Some people can't understand why I travel, some can only ever see a life with travel - not everyone is gonna have the same priorities or passions as you and THAT IS OKAY 👍 Whether you follow me for ideas for your next destination, travel inspo or just to look at pretty pictures even though travel ain't your thing - I will never force my values or passions on you but I WILL embrace the shit out of the life I live and what gets me going everyday 👊 Do you have any hobbies or passions other than travel? I'd love to hear, comment below 👇
Ps if you look in the corner, you can see my dad and uncle waiting for me to stop taking photos and get the f going #sorrynotsorry #loveya 😂
Ever wonder how I get to travel so much? I spend short periods of time (3-6 months) working like MAD, not spending any money other than the essentials and saving like my life depends on it 👍 How I travel for longer and cheaper? Check out the link in bio to find out all my hacks for stretching that dollar out 💵 and travelling as long as possible 🚄🛥️✈️🌎
It's been a week since the @stoketravel island hop in Croatia and I am gutted 😭 We created the best little dysfunctional I could have asked for and I know I have made life time friends 👫 Without a DOUBT I am going again next year as this has been the highlight of my year 🍻🌎✈️🛥️
Cannot wait to find another amazing group of people at Ibiza Beach Camp, Tomatina and Oktoberfest!! Are you coming? Use my code BNB10 to get unlimited booze and let's get the drinks flowing 🍻
TAKE ME TO: Dubrovnik, Croatia 🇭🇷💙
Hello Dubrovnik ❤️


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