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Catching the winds of Cappadocia 🎈
📷 @spdibley
My home country in a glass of one of my favourite things: wine 🍷🙋😋
Dubrovnik was absolutely stunning but also ridiculously HOT! Thankfully, all around the city there were free water stations/fountains. I was there about 4 hours exploring during the day while stationed for Sail Croatia with @stoketravel and I think I filled up and drenched myself with water at least 10 times 😅
Wishing all the lovely people of Bali all the best in this rough time. Bali is the staple for so many digital nomads and travellers like myself - it always has a special place in my heart. I'm planning on coming back in the new year and will definitely do what I can to bring out some supplies for what I consider one of the most welcoming of islands 💚 .
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This chick is ready for the new year 🙋🙋 I'm currently trying to decide what country I should go for a New Years Eve trip 🎆 Give me some ideas - where are YOU going for NYE? 🌎
Looking at this picture... Reminiscing...Trying to remember what it was like to see sunlight after 4pm 😂😭 Anyone else feeling the winter blues? I feel a new tropical continent trip on the horizon coming on. Maybe Africa next? 🌄 Where do you want to go this winter?
Reminiscing of simpler summer days in Europe
This has been a rather exhausting few months between moving around a ton (haven't been somewhere longer than 3 days in months 😭), work, personal life and new business projects. That being said, I have learnt to remind myself to stop and smell the roses (or in this case, fresh air of my hike). I forget some times just how extraordinary my life is and how thankful I am to be able to live it 🙏🙌
Day trips making life all the more enjoyable 🙃


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