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Gotta live life on the edge 😏
Dreaming 💭 of sunny days ☀ and comfy views 🌴
Picture by our lovely feature blogger @thebrittanywynn, check her out ✌
#views ☝
When you're feeling cheeky in Amsterdam 😏
2016 has been the year of SO many things but most importantly, the birth of Backpacks & Budgets! A dream turned to reality! I am so thankful for the tremendous support our team has received and cannot wait to see what 2017 has in store! BIG things coming 👊  Looking forward to sharing everything we've been working on with all of you! Happy New Year! ✌🌎✈️🎒💕
Backpacks and Budgets is looking to add to our team from writers to assistant social media gurus, all the way to web designers!! All voluntary but with some great perks and experience with a brand that appreciates you 👊 Send an email to Hollie at and come join our family ✌🌎
Beachdaze ☀🌊
As December comes I can't help but feel nostalgia for European summer - where's your favourite vacation spot in Europe? 😎🌞
You want to know what I first thought I was gonna be growing up?! A famous singer and actress 🎬🎥 I even went to school for acting until hitting a wall and deciding to go travelling to clear my head. I later realised acting was my HOBBY 🔮 and travelling was my PASSION 👊🌎
I always thought my trip to LA would be to pursue my dreams of being in the entertainment industry... Little did I know is when I would first go to LA, I would be already pursuing my passion of travelling the world! It's funny how things change ☺