28 Hacks To Travelling Cheaper & Longer

by Hollie Lowes

If I had known these hacks 4 years ago – I would have been able to travel a hell of a lot longer and cheaper. Being smart with your money can give you more money available to go for longer or to just simply enjoy your travels more. Here are 25 hacks to travelling cheaper and longer:

1. Stay in Hostels

2. Airbnb – use my link here to get $40/£24 off your first stay and up to $96/£56 off

3. Couchsurfing

4. Friends – the more friends you make abroad, the more places you have to stay abroad!

5. Camping

6. Volunteer at a hostel, bar and/or tours- usually free stay, discount or free food and drinks

7. Au-pair – Be a nanny for a family abroad for some extra money and free living!

8. Cook – book stay with a kitchen

9. Go to local markets for food and supplies

10. Group up – the more people you get together for that booze cruise or safari, the more likely businesses are willing to give you a group discount

11. Free Walking tours – you still are expected to tip the tour guide but you pay what you want

12. Research tourist’s sites before (i.e. all tourist attractions are free first Sunday of every month in Paris)

13. Walk everywhere

14. Bulk travel buys – If you are going to loads of festivals this summer, getting a Stoke Passport will be huge on savings and I’ll be doing the same!

15. Alternatively – take public transport

16. Befriend the hostel staff and locals – it’s amazing what people will do to make your life easier once you become friends. Plus you just made a new international friend!

17. Stay longer – the longer the stay, the more discounts!

18. Be flexible on time and dates – if you are not on a time contraint, you can book the flights and buses that are cheaper on different dates if you don’t have a set time to go somewhere.

19. Longer travel days – usually sacrificing time by doing layovers or buses over flights will be significantly cheaper

20. Bargain down – most shops and taxis are willing to negotiate prices with you

21.Book in advance – this is particularly useful during high season as the closer you get to the date, the higher the prices get

22. Don’t go inside a tourist attraction unless you really want to – Cathedrals and Temples are a dime a dozen, only pay if you genuinely want to see what’s inside. Most the time, attractions are better off from the front with a glass of wine than 20 euros to look at for a few moments. I opt for a glass of wine (holla to my fellow winos) in front of it.

23. PRE-DRINK – alcohol is expensive when you’re out. Invest in the 3 Euro bottle of wine and save yourself hundreds of dollars a night in 10 euro cocktails

24. Tip your bartenders! This doesn’t work in every case but for when you do go to clubs/bars where tips aren’t expected – you stand out. In Italy (Rimini/Riccione) – I tipped the bartenders at the club every time for my 10 euro drink and they were always thankful and gave me a free shot or extra drink. So I got 2 cocktails for 12 euros where as everyone who didn’t tip got just one.

25. Budget per day – keep an amount in mind and stick to it. Don’t over indulge in buying clothes, etc you don’t need

26. Look up discount codes – before I book a bus, or anything for that matter, I search the name of the company and “promo codes”. A good chunk of the time you’ll find discount!

27. Travel off the beaten path – the less touristic a place is, the more affordable it is!

28. Student discount – I have been out of college for 4 years and my student card has no expiry date on it!

Now what are you waiting for? You know how to travel cheaper and longer now and summer is on it’s way – no excuses!

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