By Hollie Lowes

Travelling is meant for expanding your horizons and experiencing new culture; you’re bound to change. Travel has turned me into an unrecognizable person in the most positive way possible. When I say travel I mean long term and jumping with 2 feet into the culture and sights! Travel that makes you see everything in a new light: your life, you, the world, everything!

Here are 5 things that happen to you once you travel:

You Go Out Of Your Comfort Zone More

Going travelling in the first place is going out of your comfort zone, immediately putting you in the right direction to continue doing it. Travel gives you the opportunity to do so many things you would never do back home: jumping naked off a cliff in Greece, travelling to a new country with a stranger you met a total of 12 hours, going on a hike up a mountain in Switzerland when you can’t even go across the room for your remote back home, anything really could happen once you hit the road!

You Shed Extra Baggage

Before I got on that fateful flight years ago, I had a serious problem of letting go of things: people, clothes I hadn’t worn in 8 years, old plane tickets, you name it, I hoarded it. My first trip, I kept buying souvenirs and holding onto old trips tickets for keep sake. Once going home, I realized how little they would benefit me in the future. If it isn’t going in my backpack for months on end, it ain’t coming home. My bag has gotten significantly lighter both metaphorically and physically since! You learn the difference between necessity and luxury.

You’re No Longer Phased By Inconveniences

The longer you travel, the more likely you are to have some bad luck. Let’s say you miss the last train connection of the night and you are stuck in a random town… There are 2 types of people in this situation: The one that cries with stress immediately, and the one that first thinks “what’s next?” Inconveniences are bound to happen the more you go on, the less phased you are by these things, the lighter your shoulders get!

You Appreciate The Little Things

“I get to watch TV?! COOL!”

You really don’t notice the little things until you’re away from home a while! Things such as watching TV, being in a car, dog cuddles and a home made meal become a privilege opposed to a right and it makes you all the more thankful for it.

You Become That Much More Aware Of The World

Nothing quite teaches you that there’s more to life than you’re own backyard quite like doing a trip to everyone else’s. From seeing other ways to life, to being humbled by that sweet family that took you in for dinner just because they could in Vietnam, to just simply hearing other people’s story from their home country. You can hear all types of things before you set out on the world, but you know nothing until you see it for yourself.

These are 5 things that change you once you travel. What else do you think changes you once you travel? Leave a comment with your thoughts!

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  1. Abigail
    Abigail says:

    I agree to all of these. Traveling really does change you as a person, cliche as it sounds. The little things matter more to you after you’ve seen other parts of the world.

    • backpacksandbudgets
      backpacksandbudgets says:

      We completely agree Abigail, It’s what makes travelling that much more worth it! Thank you for your feedback!


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