By Sara Nicastro

I have had every kind of travel mate imaginable. Trust me on this. A good travel mate is hard to find but if you consider these four steps you could be on your way to a trip of a lifetime with the travel mate of a lifetime!

Discuss Finances

Before you travel with a friend it is extremely important to make sure you both agree on a budget. Figuring out things like what level of hotels/hostels you want to stay in or if you will be mostly eating out or cooking your own food can really help you gauge if you are in the same money mindset. Sit down and agree on how much you each would like to spend per day and also be aware of their maximum allowance for the whole trip. It can be a little awkward to talk about finances with a friend but getting through the conversation now can save you in many different ways on the road.

Find Someone With Shared Interests

There are many different types of travelers; city explorer, beach bum, adventure seeker etc. Finding someone that will enjoy the same activities as you do will allow you to have fun while crossing off activities on your bucket list. Discuss the absolute must-sees for your destination and work from there. It is also important to know that not every single interest or hobby must line up. Some of the best travel mates I have been with are also people that are able to push me out of my comfort zone a little. For example, I am scared of heights so finding someone that wants to bungee jump in every city properly won’t work out, but someone who is able to push you to cross a high canopy bridge or go parasailing can really enhance your trip.

Find Someone Independent

No matter how well you get along with someone we all need our time alone. Being in the same hostel room, traveling together on every bus, and eating meals together day in and day out can make even the best of friends lose their patience. It is crucial to find someone who is independent and comfortable enough to take a few hours and go tour a city alone so you can both get a little break. This makes dinner that night much more pleasurable because you have different stories and experiences to exchange.


If you have ever traveled you will know that the open road exposes you to delays, cancelations and changed agendas that you could never have anticipated. Choose someone that is able to stay positive and go with the flow of the road. You have given up time and money to be on this trip so enjoy it for all the surprises that it brings you!

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