By Emily Havis

Nestled in the Algarve region in Southern Portugal is a small town called Lagos. By day Lagos appears to be a chill surfer town with a mixture of young and old, but by night, long after mom and dad go to sleep, the town comes alive. The town has so much to offer day and night, and here’s how to make the most of your time there!

Where to Stay

First and fore most before you arrive, you will need a place stay (I recommend booking in advance, in high season places fill up quickly), and what is a trip to Lagos without a stay at the infamous Rising Cock Party Hostel? With a nonstop party vibe and an amazing burger joint across the street, you will never be bored here. They run one of the biggest pub crawls in Lagos, and mix it up often enough with different bars that you could easily do it multiple times during your stay. While it is on the more expensive side for Lagos (about 20 euros), you really do get what you pay for amazing staff, fun atmosphere, and tons of like-minded travellers looking for a good time!

Other notable hostels are Old Town Lagos, Sol A Sol and Blue Moon Hostel, all super cheap and great locations!

Day Time Activities


Lagos offers some of the most ruggedly beautiful, scenic beaches I’ve come across. Praia da Batata, the beach closest to the city center, is where you will find the most people hanging out during the day. It also offers a beach bar that is right there on the beach that serves a wide variety of drinks and snacks for reasonable prices. A few beaches down is Praia Dona Ana, this one requires a bit of a walk, but the walk is just as beautiful as the beach. If you’re looking for a more tranquil place to spend your day (and wash away your hangover) this is the beach for you! Lastly my ultimate favourite, Praia do Camilo, or as I nicknamed it Step Beach, due to the insane amount of stairs that take you down to the beach! I promise it is worth the trek, voted one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, it is truly breathtaking, and a great place to spend a day.

Grotto Tour

While Lagos offers a wide variety of water activities during the day, if you only have time to do one I would highly recommend doing one of the Grotto Tours, ranging anywhere between 10 to 20 euros it is so worth it. The locals in their little fishing boats will take you on a guided tour of the sea caves Lagos has to offer. With every cave just as beautiful as the last it’s hard to not want to do it a second time just to make sure you didn’t miss an inch of beauty.

Day Trip to Sagres

If you’re schedule allows for a day trip to Sagres from Lagos, this is a must. You can catch the bus from the Lagos main bus station for about 4 euros return to Sagres, also known as The End of the Old World. While there make sure to check out Sagres Point, bring a jacket though it is often a bit windy out on the cliffs. After walking along the mesmerizing cliffs head back into town and enjoy a Sagres, a beer that is very appropriately named for this occasion.

Night Activities

Where to Eat

After a long day in the sun and before a wild night out, you’ll need to sustain yourself somehow. Lucky for you, Lagos has some of the best food I’ve had while traveling (and still miss today). For breakfast there’s no place else to eat other than Café Odeon, located on the outskirts of the town on the way to the beach, this place has the most amazing breakfast burritos to take on the go. For lunch or dinner head on over to Beats and Burritos for some good beats and delicious burritos, or for the other vegheads like myself head over to More than Fries and try out one of their veggie bowls cooked in one of their delicious homemade sauces. Lastly, late in the night when the drunchies set in, head over to Paradise Doner Kebab, appropriately named considering their falafel is the closest thing to paradise I’ve ever known. I actually have nothing more to say about this place other than if you go to Lagos and don’t go here, you’ve messed up!


With so many different bars in Lagos to choose from I would say it’s hard to pick which ones to go to. I recommend to give all of them a try at least once, even the ones that seem dead because sometimes those are the ones that turn out to be your favorite. Go to Whytes Bar to do the nine deadly sins, go to The Tavern to walk the plank, and go to Joe’s Garage to slide down the stripper pole during one of their foam parties! Each bar has something different to offer go to One Drop for some recent hits with a reggae spin, Star Bar for karaoke on Sundays, and Tiger Bar for every other day of the week. There’s something for everyone here, and if you’re not finding a bar you love, you’re not looking hard enough!


Now one of the most important aspects of the nightlife in Lagos, the nightclubs. My first tip would be do not go before 2 am at the earliest, the clubs do not get busy until all the bars close at 2. There’s a few clubs in Lagos, but the three most important ones are Grand Café, Inside Out and Nox. Grand Café is where you go at 2 for top hits on the weekends and weird, soul destroying, but oddly I’m drunk enough to dance to this dubstep during the week. You’ll find everyone here from the girl who served you your first drink earlier in the night to the homeless man you gave a beer to on the beach earlier. Same goes for Inside Out, it is next to all the major bars so you will see everyone there but it makes it all the more fun! Once Grand Café and Inside out close at 4, the masses head over to Nox to keep the party going for a few more hours with more soul destroying, I can’t even think straight dubstep. At 6 when Nox closes, a few brave souls can be found stumbling to the beach to watch the sunrise (and possibly for a snooze if drunk enough), this is something I highly recommend doing at least once. Yes, you’ll be exhausted, and bleary eyed but watching the sunrise over the beach is really like a right of passage in Lagos.

Add in your own fun activities with the ones I’ve recommended above and you’re bound to have the time of your life in Lagos, let’s just hope you’re able to remember it!

Add in your own fun activities with the ones I’ve recommended above and you’re bound to have the time of your life in Lagos, let’s just hope you’re able to remember it!