How Travel Both Ruined And Made My Love Life

by Hollie Lowes

Dating: so much comes with that 6 letter word. For me, it came with a lot of negative energy and memories. But this is when travel comes in. Ever since I have made travel my lifestyle, it has both ruined and made my love life. It’s pulled a 360 and for all the right reasons. How you may ask?


I’m Never In One Place Long Enough

Every time I meet that cute new boy, hell, every time I consider swiping on Tinder, I ask myself “why bother?” I am only here for a few days or a few weeks, what’s the point in starting something I can’t finish? There is always the odd unicorn that will still want to continue things when you go away (or even travel with me) but for someone who doesn’t have a set day or even year to come back, those are few and far.

Travel Will Always Come First

I have had countless boyfriends have low-key hostility toward my passion but hey, I get it. Who would want your S.O. leaving at a moment’s notice for weeks to months at a time, in a different continent with no consideration to where you are? But that is the reality, a travel girl will always put their passion first or they just wouldn’t be them. You either have to choose to embrace my #1 or you’ll lose me altogether. Unfortunately, more cases than not, I have had to make that decision and I’m sure you can guess who won (and it wasn’t the unsupportive boyfriend).

I’m Intimidating

I’m independent AF, I know what I want and I get it. When I date I don’t need you, I choose to be with you. Some guys need to be needed and when they see that I don’t need them, it’s intimidating.

I’m Picky

I know what I want. Simple as that. I won’t waste my time on tedious dating that goes nowhere and the times that I do date, they have to be a traveller like I am or I just can’t be bothered.


I Refuse To Settle

If you don’t compliment my life, then you may as well stop before you get started. Travel has allowed me to know myself and my needs which has helped me leave relationships that did not help me grow and avoid dates I know that won’t work in the long term.

Meet People On The Same Page As You

Being abroad often allows you to meet so many different people from different parts of the world, and usually, people more on my level. Whether they become a friend, a vacation romance or a relationship of the life time – they make a lasting, positive impact nevertheless.

I’m Happy Alone

Some read that subtitle and immediately feel uncomfortable. “Alone? Why?” This is actually a great thing! I used to date just for the hell of doing it and for my own ego boost but it was never for the right reasons; I wasted my time and feelings on people and I would depend on them for happiness. But when you are happy completely on your own, you draw good energy and people want to be apart of that, the right people. And if they don’t? Well it doesn’t matter because I am happy alone anyway!

So this is it: what some would call tragic, some call growth, I call life. Travel has both ruined and made my love life. But really, who doesn’t want that travel the world romance? For me that’s sometimes been with an adventurous guy and other times, it’s with my selfie stick; you can tell what phase I am on right now just be looking at my Instagram (ha).

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  1. James
    James says:

    Wow, great read.
    This statement “I don’t need you, I choose to be with you” bullseye.

    I’m curious, what MBTI personality type are you?


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