The 24-Hour Layover in London

by Hollie Lowes

London is one of the largest cities in the world. You must be wondering, how do I see everything in 24 hours? Well I used to wonder the same thing… Until about the third or fourth visit, I realized it is much easier than it looks. Many people span out 1, maybe 2 places in day when it is much easier to look at all major sites in one day as long as you order it right. My route here allows for you to still sleep in a bit and still see everything.


To make sure you make the best of your time, I suggest getting a day pass for the tube. I will advise you which spots you can walk to but you’ll need the tube at least twice throughout the day, as well as getting back to your hostel.

British Museum

This is under the assumption you are staying at Astor Museum Hostel; it is a very central spot to everything and a minute walk from the British Museum. Go to the hostel, drop off your baggage, grab a map, have a free breakfast and use the Internet (they have such a good connection I used Netflix here) if you need anything before you set off. From there it is a one-minute walk from the Museum. I am not suggesting you go into the Museum, but I am suggesting you walk by it or maybe enjoy a snack and coffee there with a nice view!

Tower of London and Tower Bridge

Start with Tower of London and take in of the tower – if you are here in November, there are red poppies for Remembrance Day. On this side of the water, you can also get some great images with Tower Bridge in the background. From there you will go across the bridge toward Borough Market.

Borough Market for Lunch

Borough Market is luckily with in a 10-15 minute walk of the Tower. And it is so worth it. After being in London over 5 times now – this is my go to. It is only open daytime until early evening depending on the day so it is worth checking out for lunch. It is a small sized market with many different cuisines and charms to it. When I come I always go for some mulled wine if it is during the cold and find a fresh cut sandwich. This is somewhere you’d really appreciate your lunch!

London Eye and Big Ben

From Borough Market – I will suggest the tube from here to London Eye through Waterloo Station, you can walk but time is of the essence on a layover! London Eye and Big Ben are the picturesque London for any tourist. Enjoy the atmosphere London Eye has to give then cross the bridge and get some classic tourist pictures of Big Ben (let’s be honest here – we all want that picture!).

Buckingham Palace

Self-explanatory – did you really go to London without seeing Buckingham Palace? It is within close walking distance of Big Ben as well.

Trafalgar Square

Picturesque with a waterfall and pillar building, also has many free, live shows that are amazing! One amazing show I’ve seen is a comedian contortionist show there. The atmosphere is worth a check if you have time!

Dinner and Drinks in Camden

Camden Market is full of personality with cool bars, hipster shops and even a market (Camden Lock) during the day. With it’s killer atmosphere and fish and chips (My favourite is Poppy’s!), a night in Camden is the perfect way to finish off a great day!

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