By Sara Nicastro

Quito is filled with many unique attractions and activities with the majority of them being extremely affordable to do. As a backpacker on a budget, this means there are no excuses to get out there and explore this wonderful city. Listed below are 4 affordable things to do in Quito, which will not disappoint.

1. Teleferico/Pichincha Volcano

Pichincha Volcano’s two highest peaks sit 15,696 ft and 15,413 ft respectively. The Teleferico is one of the world’s highest cable cars that takes you up the eastern slopes and gives you breathtaking views of the entire city. The ride only costs $8.50 US for tourists, which makes it an easy and cheap half-day activity in Quito. If you can manage it, try to go up on a clear day so you get superior views and photos of the city.

2. Calle de la Ronda

Commonly referred to as ‘La Ronda’, it is part of Quito’s well-preserved historical center (Old Town) of the city. It is best enjoyed at night where the lights that line the street shine over the old cobbled floor and the cool crisp night air mixes with the different blends of live music coming from the bars. Shops, bars, restaurants, & cafes all stay open, and often on weekends there are different scheduled cultural events. La Ronda is relatively safe at night as it is filled with families as well as has a strong police presence. Old Town of Quito was one of the earlier named UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites with some of the best-maintained historical sites in South America, and a definite must see.

3. Soccer game

Soccer matches in Ecuador are extremely fun to go to, as everyone seems to be a fan. Try and catch either Club Deportivo El Nacional or Liga Deportiva Universitaria de Quito play a match, as these are the two big main clubs based in the city. Catch a game against the two rivals and make it an even crazier experience. While the drive to the arena can take a little time (depending what venue you go to), the tickets are cheap, the fans are energetic, and the beer is cold. Giving you an undeniably exciting travel memory and a real taste of the football culture in Ecuador.

4. Party it up in Gringolandia

Gringolandia is a little joke for the very known tourist area of Plaza Foch. Plaza Foch is located in the Mariscal district and is home to all the hostels, tourist offices, bars and restaurants. The several square blocks that make up Plaza Foch is covered in backpackers from all over the world, hence the nickname, and is a great place to
meet other travelers and even locals. There is something for everyone with the famous Finn McCool’s trivia night on Tuesdays to ladies nights at Bungalow and the never failing Attic to dance the night away. A quick reminder, always be watchful of drinks as it is not uncommon to have a drink spiked.

Quito is a great city to explore and that is why it is becoming more and more popular for backpackers. Don’t forget to read “How to Guide to Quito, Ecuador”, to get more travel tips on this travel worthy city.

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